Hardwood Flooring Installation Guidelines
The Hardwood Flooring Installation Guidelines manual is an indispensable tool offering industry-accepted standards for hardwood flooring installations. Topics range from evaluating jobsite conditions, to subfloor preparation, to proper installation techniques. Guidelines for moisture testing, fastener schedules, radiant heat installations and a variety of other topics are included as well. This manual is the industry standard for quality hardwood flooring installations, and will be a manual you will refer to again and again.
  • Section I - General Guidelines

          - Chapter 1 - Jobsite Conditions
          - Chapter 2 - Acclimation
          - Chapter 3 - Moisture Requirements and Moisture Testing

  • Section II - Subfloor Guideline & Specifications

          - Chapter 4 - Wood Subfloor Guidelines
          - Chapter 5 - Concrete Subfloor Guidelines
          - Chapter 6 - Installing a Subfloor Over Concrete

  • Section III - Installation Guidelines & Methods

          - Chapter 7 - Parquet Installation
          - Chapter 8 - Engineered Flooring Installation
          - Chapter 9 - Solid Strip & Plank Installation
          - Chapter 10 - Installation Over an Existing Floor

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