FAQ - Maintenance

How can I prevent my wood flooring from scratching?
Many steps can be taken to help reduce scratches on a wood floor. First, you can put throw rugs down in any high traffic areas such as in entryways, in front of your sink or refrigerator, or down a highly traveled hallway. One of the best things you can do is dust, sweep or mop on a regular basis to keep any dirt or debris from collecting on the surface or the floor. You can also put felt pads under the legs of any chairs or tables.
Can I switch off my heating or air conditioning when I go away on vacation?
Absolutely not, you must maintain a relative humidity of 35%-55%, and a temperature of 65-75 degrees.

How do I protect my floors from furniture?
Use felt protectors under the legs of the furniture to protect your flooring.
Can a wood floor be wet mopped?
No. You should never wet mop your wood floor.Standing water left after wet mopping can dull your finish, damage the wood, and leave unsightly discoloring. If you happen to spill water on your floor, clean it up as quickly as possible. If massive amounts of water leak out onto the floor, such as a dishwasher that has leaked, it might damage the floor to the point where it would need to be replaced. Most homeowners insurance companies would cover the repairs needed if this were to happen.
Is it going to be scratch free; will it indent?
In spite of the term "hardwood", wood flooring will dent under high heel traffic (especially heel in disrepair). The finish that is applied will not prevent dents and scratches if maintained improperly.

The floor beneath my rug is lighter than the exposed floor, what can I do?
It is normal for hardwood floors that are exposed to sunlight to darken over a period of time. To eliminate the obvious tone differences, it is best to rotate rugs and furniture so that the flooring gets an equal amount of sun exposure. Any differences in light exposure will eventually fade away.

How often should the hardwood floor be cleaned?
You should clean your hardwood floor as often as necessary. The presence of abrasives such as sand, pebbles, glass, etc. is hard on your floor. Vacuum often to eliminate these abrasives from the surface of your floor. By doing this you will prolong the beauty of your hardwood floor’s finish. Carefully read the Maintenance Guide and the Warranty for more information.

Which precautions need to be taken if you have a pet?

Pets must have their claws clipped and polished regularly. Avoid letting them run or playing with them on your hardwood floor. Even when clipped and polished, claws can damage hardwood floors. Be sure to immediately wipe up any mess you pet makes near its dish or elsewhere.