FAQ - General

Why should I choose a wood floor?
Wood floors create a warm and timeless expression for your new or remodeled home that other floor coverings can’t match. Wood floors are durable, and with the variety of finishes available, easy to maintain.

Why choose a hardwood floor?

Hardwood flooring makes an excellent flooring choice. It’s a durable material, available in a vast range of species and colors. Colors that will compliment most any furniture or decor. In addition to creating a warm atmosphere, often times it will add to the value of your home. Unlike other flooring types, hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and provides a healthy, hypoallergenic environment, and is a recyclable product. Most hardwood flooring can be refinished to it original beauty for a modest sum of money. Hardwood is typically more expensive than most types of floors, but it service life can easily exceed fifty years.

What will happen to my floor if I allow my dogs to run on them?

Panache flooring is very scratch resistant. However, it should be noted that no hardwood flooring will resist pets’ claws.

How can you sell it so cheap?
Simple, we manufacturer the flooring. The middleman (the retailer) has been eliminated and the savings are passed on to you. The product you see on our website can only be purchased directly from us.

What do I do if I have a claim or warranty issue with the product?
Just call us. We make it a point to solve problems quickly and with constant communication with the customer. We want you to be a part of the process every step of the way.

Where are your products made?
Our Domestic Collection are manufactured in Quebec and International Collection - all over the world. We have contracted with several of the largest manufacturers to ensure that you are getting the best product for the least amount of money.

Why should I buy Prefinished Flooring versus Unfinished Flooring?

Unfinished flooring installed by a professional gives the most options regarding sheen and custom colors. Prefinished flooring is convenient. There is less time involved in installation and less mess. Changes in humidity will not crack the finish between two individual planks as they can move independently. Factory finished with several coats of UV-cured polyurethane or aluminum oxide are applied. These factory finishes are tough and durable. Installing a prefinished floor eliminates the time, the dust and the odors associated with the on-site sanding and finishing of an unfinished product. A prefinished floor can be installed in a day. An unfinished flooring installation may require twice as much time for the same area.

What is Aluminum Oxide?
Aluminum Oxide is a finish that contains small gritty sand particles for more durability.

What is your minimum order?
The minimum order is 300 sq.ft.
Can I see the product at the warehouse?

You can see our product at "Canadian Flooring" Showroom.

What is the moisture content of Panache hardwood floors?
Our hardwood floors are kiln dried to a moisture content of between 6 and 9 percent. Hardwood floors will naturally expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. However, hardwood floors perform best when they are within a temperature/humidity range of 6 to 9 percent. At this range, expansion and contraction can be reduced to its minimum.

The floor beneath my rug is lighter than the exposed floor, what can I do?
It is normal for hardwood floors that are exposed to sunlight to darken over a period of time. To eliminate the obvious tone differences, it is best to rotate rugs and furniture so that the flooring gets an equal amount of sun exposure. Any differences in light exposure will eventually fade away.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do.

How should I decide what grade of flooring to buy?
What are the primary differences?
The differences between manufacturers relates to variations in quality, which is defined by a grade. Panache Flooring focuses on manufacturing a consistent quality product and then differentiating the product by appearance. This allows you to focus on the desired appearance of your floor without compromising quality. If you are looking for a more uniform look, you would want to consider Select type products. You may define Classic as some color variation without knots. Or you may think of Country as requiring knots and some mechanically created marks in the flooring. Wood is a natural product. You will see some natural variation. That's the beauty of wood. The appeal and timeless look that adds to the distinction of your home.

Can I purchase hardwood floors directly from Panache?
Currently, Panache Hardwood Flooring Ltd. sells its flooring products to the public through exclusive distributors around the North America. Please use our online distributor - Discount Flooring Canada www.discountflooringcanada.com

As a flooring retailer, can I buy directly from Panache?
Yes, you can. Please contact our sales rep.

How many finish coats are applied to Panache products?
Ten coats applied to Domestic Collection with extreme accuracy. The result? A smooth, uniform finish with unparalleled abrasion resistance and beauty.
Is it going to be scratch free; will it indent?
In spite of the term "hardwood", wood flooring will dent under high heel traffic (especially heel in disrepair). The finish that is applied will not prevent dents and scratches if maintained improperly.